Being A Girl

I am reading She Said, I thought I’d share with you an extract from the book that really resonated with me, especially a collection of work I produced 20 years ago called ‘Being A girl’ 2000.

Actress Marisa Tomei shared a theory: Actresses and the public were stuck in a cycle of mutual misperception. From very young ages, girls were taught to admire and model themselves on the fantasy women onscreen. That made many of them want to become actresses themselves.The lucky ones who made it could never really describe the harassment or the punishing physical standards; that would be self-sabotage. So cycle continued, with the next generation of girls growing up with Hollywood dreams and little understanding that the industry could mistreat them too.

She Said by Jodi cantor and Megan Twohey P.29

‘Being A girl’ transcended these aspirations, aspiring to a fake and fictional role that only consumed and stunted. We warn women not to walk alone at night and start from an early age to share stories of ‘little Red Riding Hood’ to fear the wolf that lurks there.

‘Being A Girl ‘by Sheree Murphy

Harassment often happens when we least expect it by those we trust.

But at least now voices are coming forward and speaking up through platforms that reach audiences. Twitter has got its advantages.

The mass production of art verses Banksy

This week, the European Union of Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) panel said it ruled against the artist because he could not be identified as the unquestionable owner of such works because (his) identity remained hidden.

The case was in regards to the copy right of a gift card company using Banksy’s ‘Flower Thrower’ image.

“Banksy has chosen to remain anonymous and, for the most part, to paint graffiti on other people’s property without their permission, rather than to paint it on canvases or his own property,” the panel said.

The white cubed space of a gallery is not the love affair of art and artists alike. This white cube is often dominated by the minority who dictate what art is worthy enough to go on its walls, which often goes unchallenged. So as many artists find this environment competitive, nepotistic and straight down the line unchallenging and boring for the life of a piece of art work, some artists choose for their works to be a part of communities where engagement is by all of society, not the few.

With regards to Banksy I am looking forward to his next piece of work.

Is story telling Over?

In 1995 Mathieu Kassovitz wrote and directed a film called La Haine – 25 years on and he says that he no longer sees the point of making films anymore, because the power is on the internet. He says ” Now I go on youtube and see really things from real guys filming their life with their phone. Everyone has the internet”.

If this is true why should we still make films? why should we still go to the cinema?

I think engagement is the key to what realities we tune into, whether that be constructively/ critically engaging with what we read/believe.

At least now the gift of the technological world is that we are all storytellers who can share our thoughts, feelings, ideas globally and not just with our neighbours.

La Haine – if you haven’t seen it or heard of it, it is a master piece of cinema and it has real bollocks when it comes to story telling this film doesn’t hold back in anyway. I will not tell you any more about it accept watch it.

$4 Billion or Time?

On Average Coca – Cola has spent on average $4bn in advertising over the last six years.

Today 10am

How to we best advertise our work? people say online platforms are amazing because its all free, but these platforms are already swamped with imagery.

Back in 2013 three years into the beginning of Instagram there were over 150 million users, 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion likes happening each day.

I think that when work is uploaded i.e. a painting, photograph etc, it can be very detrimental as its worth is often valued by how many likes, shares etc it’s life has online.

When a piece of art is made how we advertise it, share it, give it life outside the studio is not so much about throwing money into it, but giving it time its so important to allow the piece of work to develop contextually. What was happening in the world when the work was made? what life events were happening to the artist or historical events. These are play a role in the life of a piece of art work.

Coca Cola can keep its $4BN marketing budget I am going to go with time instead.

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