The ERA that’s waiting to start 1923

Alice Paul and Crystal Eastman founders of The ERA- Equal Rights Amendment has been trying to past the ERA in Congress in the United States since 1923. Guaranteeing equal rights to all men and women. Its still being fought now! I am amazed by this!

The United States join 6 other countries in the world; Iran, Somali, Sudan, South Sudan, Tonga and Palua. That have not ratified the UN Convention on the elimination on all forms of discrimination of women. Maybe Donald Trump could be the pioneer?

If you have time check out the link below its nuts the history behind this amendment. Why would anyone oppose this? its just makes sense. Don’t we all deserve basic rights to an equal society?

I live in the UK and the equivalent act is the Equal Act of 2010 which was formed on the anti-discrimination law.

I guess living in the UK I have taken this for granted and just assumed that this protection of Law would be widely recognised world wide.

‘Free The Nipple’ has become the fastest growing movement of our time. The mission behind ‘Free The Nipple’ is to raise awareness, and effect change, in the areas of inequality for women and men that are still being experienced in the world today.

The image that accompanies this post is a self portrait of myself for a ‘Free The Nipple’ Exhibition opening on the 1st Sept at The Creative Bubble in Swansea Wales. I will be showing my work along side other vibrant and exciting artists. Very pleased to be part of such an important campaign.


‘Rebel Without A Pause’ Public Enemy


Locked up, Assata Shakur,

Fugitive. Away from Children, freedom fighter.

Undo Centuries of damage.

Cry, Black Liberation Army, former member of the.


US Security, capture. From Civil Rights Activist to FBI’s most wanted.

Racism, suffered.

$2 Million reward, terrorist, solitary.

2013 TOP TEN MOST WANTED! threat, commitment to justice.

Public Enemy (rebel without a pause). Innocent, compassionate human being.

Photo of daughter.

BY Sheree Murphy








Its the seed of beginnings……….The Trouble Makers’ Festival.

The Troublemakers’ festival took place recently on Swansea’s High Street in South Wales. And they are certainly changing the world and minds in Swansea and its communities. Embracing, caring, listening, sharing and challenging, and leading by example that independent thinking, social co operatives, community spirit are still alive.





The seed has been planted and dug up many times to bring the Palace Theatre on High Street back to life. And the Trouble Makers’ have started!!!!!

Lets watch this space, will it crumble or nourish Our community of Swansea Again. I really hope it gets the kiss of life.




I’m not a feminist but………

As lady Gaga says ‘Your born that way…….’ I didn’t wake up one day and think ‘I am so angry with inequality I am going to be a feminist’ this seed is planted from birth.

One of my earliest memories as a child was with my mum I must have been around 4 years old. In a supermarket and a friend of my mum’s stopped to talk to her and commented on how pretty I was and I returned the compliment with ‘I know’ with that uttered from my innocent voice I couldn’t then understand why they laughed! Is this because I wasn’t! of course not! (Well I hope not!). But this made me realise that straight away my instinct of being loving about myself should be disregarded and perhaps the reaction the lady wanted was a coy shy smile!

The inequality I feel is towards both men and women. We are taught from an early age to fit into our gender roles ‘please gather all your belongings and jump in to that box that says princess or prince’, and ask no questions. As I’ve grown up its manifested into a predator prey connection, which is reinforced by media and body image.

I am very excited to announce that I will be having an exhibition starting in August, with an incredible bunch of artists but I will tell you more about that closer to the time. And the photograph below is a sneak peek of what I shall be showing. To link back to what I have I been saying is for me this body of work is about being a women in the westerner world. And my influences are from the strong female role models who have shaped my thinking and challenged it.

One person who does stick out to me is ‘Madonna’ she has influenced my thinking ever since a young age.  Whether you love her or loath her check out this interview with her and Marilyn Minter on what it has been like becoming an artist. On youtube ‘Madonna Marilyn Minter Brooklin Talks 2017’. She explains how her critics have been a driving force to her career.







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