Where’s your Mother tonight she said she’s only been sitting opposite her for 25 years…..

This painting was produced a year after my Nan past away from Alzheimers. A disease that captured my Nan and took her hostage in her own body and mind.

This painting symbolises the experience of how I felt being a Granddaughter and being a witness to her slow deterioration of the disease.

The experiences I felt; were how to combat the disease, ease my Nan’s tremendous strengthen and amazing sense of humour. The onset crept up on my Nan, with echoes of depression and a slow recoil  into her home and not leaving her own surroundings. At times it seemed my Nan would only say ‘NO’ when offered a day out, a family celebration….no to food….to TV….Music….to walking…..

This painting compares the visual with the real, the latter being a ‘computer memory board’.

How robust technology is and long lasting compared to the human state.

Human memory verses the computer memory……………..

‘Computer Memory is the storage in a computer where data is to be processed and instructions required for processing are stored’.

‘Human Memory is our ability to encode, store, retain and subsequently recall information and past experience in the human brain’.





















Discussing Composition…..

What is Composition? In general, the term “composition” has two distinctive, yet related meanings. First and foremost, “composition” describes placement of relative objects and elements in a work o…

Source: Discussing Composition…..

In Search For…………



Remember, suffering, heritage.

Never to return, traitor.

Irish Love.

British Army, better life, family.

Family, life or death, fought for.

In search for, decision, joy.

Thirst, Catholicism.

Life animated, no food to be made to feed.

Hunger, new life, 2nd World War.

Join Welsh.



Dear Curatorial Team at Tate Modern………………………..

Dear Curatorial Team at Tate Modern,

I am writing to you in regards of my interest for submission,

Please find enclosed details of my artistic practice for consideration for exhibition opportunity at Tate Modern.

I am based in the Valleys of South Wales where I have a studio and darkroom. My practice is an experimental crossover of analogue photography and mixed media. My practice is rooted in an evocative visual sense, with a strong emphasis on questioning the relationship between both artistic convention and historical dialogue.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel to contact me if you require any further information or a proposal for your committee at Tate Modern.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Attached; Artist statement, mini CV,

Example of images; Paintings are from Ubiquitous Unique, Black & White Photographs, Nurtured In Concrete Form and Colour Photographs,

Being a Girl Collection

Best Regards

Sheree Murphy

Artist Sheree Murphy





Artist Sheree Murphy

My artist practice began its roots in photography and the darkroom printing process and has since developed into an experimental approach and creative dialogue. The element of nostalgia and reflection have played an influential role to my practice and has coincided with my gravitas and interest for arts in health and wellbeing. Photographers that have been influential to the theory and challenges of my practice; Walker Evans and Dorothea Lang and the challenges they faced when recording the great depression and contemporary artist Rozanne Hawksley with her intimate subjects of loss and identity.

The following is a brief summary of three collections I have produced since 2001;

My earliest collection of filmic stills, Being a Girl (2001-2003) began as a coming of age project and reflection on the world around me, the horrors of September 11th and the introduction of the ladette culture and binge drinking. The media headlines were laced with fear of terror and undeniable depletion of freedoms on a personal and global scale. Being A Girl was an highly instinctive piece which at the time played the role of what it felt like to be a girl. The collection is a series of sixteen, C-type prints, 16” x 12” using a photogram technique with colour transparency 35mm film.

The following project Nurtured in Concrete Form (2007- ongoing) has developed from a body of work that consisted only of black and white photographs to a collection of experimental dialogue using objects and photography. The project began when I started photographing my Grandfather’s home who had passed away. I was curious to learn more about my Grandfather of whom I knew very little of at the time. By photographing his home the project and collection gathered momentum and became a catharsis for historical regression into my family’s past uncovering secrets, sexuality, religion, illness and emigration, relating to my family’s ancestral roots in Southern Ireland and the impact of the potato famine of 1845. The collection is ongoing – twenty, black & white fibre based prints 10”x 8”, 35mm & medium format film and eight mixed media pieces.

My recent project Ubiquitous Unique has developed from my interest in Art therapy and the process of mark making of which, I investigated the notion of drawing and painting with reference too early Post War art movement, Pop Art and its notion of mass production of art. I am interested in the advancement of the digital image and its aesthetic desires of which are reproduce and sold today with a wider accessibility to artists’ audiences via department stores; selling wall art canvases that are displayed in our homes conveying cityscapes, landscapes etc. Ubiquitous Unique is a collection of canvases that began life in a department store only to be reinvented and reinvigorated with lashings of colours and layers creating a new image with its unique stamp. The collection is ongoing and consists of six canvases, acrylic, ink and textiles each ranging in size from 16” x 12” to 24” x 22”.


Mini Cv

Qualifications & Training

2012 Art Therapy Foundation BAAT Manchester

2007 PGCE in Further Higher Education Swansea Metropolitan University Wales

2003 Photography in The Arts BA (Hons) Swansea Metropolitan University Wales

Group Exhibitions

2012 Opening the Shutters; Stories Through The Camera Lens

Carad Gallery Rhayader Wales

2012 Parallax AF Soho New York USA

2012 Unlayering…. Celf O Gwmpas Llandrindod Wells Wales

2012 Showcase-Cities Bethnal Green London

2011 Slice Of Art – Powys Arts Month Hours Gallery Brecon Wales

2011 This Unfolds Ffotogallery Penarth Cardiff Wales

2011 Parallax AF Mayfair London

Artist talks

2011 Powys Arts Form AGM Theatre Centre Powys Llandrindod Wells Wales

2010 Multi Media Department Asian University Thailand

Teaching Experience

2012 Multi Arts Youth Project Director of photography Powys Youth Service Wales

2012 Recycled Note Books & Diaries Glyn Vivian Art Galley Swansea Wales

2012 Creatively Making Celf O Gwmpas Llandrindod Wells Wales

2012 Digital Photography Coleg Powys Ystradgynlais

2011 Musically Making For Wellbeing Powys Mental Health Alliance


2012 Unlayering….. Celf O Gwmpas Llandrindod Wells Wales

2011 Making for Wellbeing Cefn Ceod Psychatric Hospital Swansea Wales

Awards & Commssions

2012 Dai Sharkey Folk Musician Pembrokshire Wales

2012 Arts Council Of Wales Training Grant

2011 Powys Arts Form Trustee Llandrindod Wells Wales

Personal website & Links http://www.thedryingroom.com http://www.thedryingroom.com/blog/ http://www.axisweb.org/seCVPG.aspx?ArtistID=15869


Fading Legacy of Spirit and Mind

Memory remembered

Little over time

Adelina Pattie

Supreme being

Forgotten over time

Listen Rita

How could you forget

My birthday

Life success


Role Model


Physically faded memory

Legacy faded

Don’t forget

Difficult to see, experience


Time forgot



Stories to tell



Drama of Life

Being a Women

Different back grounds

Welsh Hills

Identity feminism

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