Unveiling Truth..

The press seem to unveil the news, social media shares thoughts, feelings, attitudes and art unravels the truth.


The Power of Collaboration….

Connecting creatively is fundamental to the making process whether this is with materials or people to create ideas, art, communicate, learn, share, experience…….There is a great article in The Guardian by Ruth Potts – The Great British Make Off, which has inspired my post today.

“The maker begins by connecting with the material, through engagement they enter into a relationship with it experiencing a sense of flow beyond that, the maker remakes themselves. We come to know ourselves better through the process of collaboration with material”

Silver Smith – Mona Nasseri

Here you can see the process……unravelling the original image from the ubiquitous pristine canvas. Collaborating with the original print that is whole and complete I begin a new visual image that is unknown and unforeseen.

Is Art about making, experiencing, escaping,understanding, selling, buying……………

Over the last few days I have been thinking about the reason why people make art and when you tell people your an ‘artist’ it seems that people want to instantly  measure your worth by establishing how much you sell your paintings for or if you drop in the line I have shown in New York or London!!!! Wow (apologies  for the sarcasm). What does make you  a qualified ‘artist’ some one who sells their art…..lives in abject poverty but still wakes up at 5 in the morning and produces ten paintings a day…………when you win the Turner Prize……..when your…..who knows……………..

Oh and that word ‘Exposure!!’ (this word is like gold dust to artists) but its not until you’ve done lots of free work for ‘Exposure’ that you realise there’s a fine line between mug and opportunist. All I’m saying is be very careful if your an artist and hear the word exposure, that’s all I am saying.

Anyway what I am describing is not always a bad thing it’s part of my experience of being in the profession I’m in. What I am trying to say is all though selling your art is very warm and fuzzy and great for your bank balance its also about belonging, experiencing and sharing.

Sharing with the community, my friend who is an artist explained that selling work is important too not just for the artist but also to allow people who love art to own it too. To be apart of the process of that piece of art work.


Any way to finish with a quote that explains one of the fundamental applications to all forms of creativity our imaginations.

‘A note can be small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination’

Thelonious Monk 1960

Imagination unlocked and painting started and now completed, ‘Futura Messis’.



Finally Finished- Argentum Oblinit

Argentum Oblinit – My painting has finally been finished it took 6 months to complete. The original canvas started life as a piece of wall art displaying New York City skyline.

It acts as a launching pad in to my painting. Starting by layering over the original image using inks, acrylics, collage, text, newspaper clippings and photography.

thumbnail_photo 1

I love the sentimentally to a wall art, its an impression of an artistic expression re-imagined again and again……..

The process of this painting began just before the referendum in the UK and finished just after Trump became President of America. Argentum Oblinit is the fabric of a year full of extremes capturing  the political landscape of this period interwoven by my personal landscape too.









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