My first love is photography


I have to confess that I am a very nosey  person I like to call it another name ‘inquisitive’ which is why I love documentary photography and the  photographic greats; Dorothea Lange , Walker Evans, Diana Arbus and Eugene Atget just to name a few.

Looking at their photographs opens a world into the past.Their photographic record of the 1920’s American Great Depression of ‘Migrate Mother’ by Dorothea Lange  and inside the homes of dwellers across the dust bowl plains photographed by Walker Evans to the treatment of lives who exist in institutions captured by Diana Arbus.  Each questioning the human condition.

These are all subjects and issues that have popped into my head while I have  started to work on a new painting. The canvas I am working from is of the New York Cityscape.

Questions the human condition;

Order of cities, chaos of lives lived, pioneering, regressive, compacted, dangerous, enlightening, unpredictable.

photo (6)



Completed –  I thoroughly enjoyed working from this beautiful portrait and is now part of a set, the painting on the left emerged as well which was influenced and developed from the colours I used.

When I paint it is often not just one painting I focus but many depending on the mood I am in at the time. Like listening to music. Our emotions are always changing depending on the various environments we enter into and consume us.

The canvas underneath of New York City is my next painting. I use wall art as a starting point to create my paintings.

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