My starting point………………

‘Homage to Menna Gallie’ began life as a flower canvas bought from ‘Home Bargains’  department store, Original artist not stated.


The beginning

I simply mark make over the existing image using a mixture of mediums.

Slowly taking shape and recording history.

Until finally completed.



Homage to – Menna Gallie


‘Homage to Menna Gallie’ is finally completed. I started painting this piece on the 20th  January 2017 – The day of Donald Trumps inauguration.


Since then it has generated influence through various forms of artistic medium and social commentary.IMG_0716

Obama left office


And Socialite  Tara Palmer-Tomkinson  past away on the 8th February 2017


And now finally finished today 29th March. Inspired by my  muse Menna Galllie, a Welsh female Novelist who was born in Ystradgynlais (1919 – 1990).

Menna Gallie’s last two books have delighted us with her special vein of humorous writing ”She is that rare, the genuine British woman humorous novelist,” wrote the New Chronicle of her second book, Man’s Desiring; and when her last novel, Travels with a Duchess, was published, the Daily Mail wrote, ”a really funny women……..even husbands will enjoy.”

David Smee 1970

Committee Meeting 1987

‘Docker’s Club – Committee Meeting 1987’ 2009



Singleton Park Swansea 2009


How you capture a photograph is unique to how we see the world around us, not always needing to capture a photograph in sharp focus while looking straight through the viewfinder. Both photographs are out of focus, I love the ethereal quality they both unveil. Glimpses of familiarity mixed with questions and unanswered truths.

My subject matter is my late Grandfather, who was a Swansea Docker and a very proud committee member. In his later years he would walk from Sketty Park to Swansea Docker’s club, through Singleton Park.

In 2009 I visited Swansea Docker’s club to see the place my Grandfather held close to his heart. I spoke to owner of the club and he showed me in to the committee room, a place I felt very privileged to be in when I was a child. Now 28 years older and now only with my Grandfather’s presence within my memory and heart. I was shown a photograph of which my Grandfather stood very proudly in along with the rest of the board members of the Dockers club in 1987. I held my camera out and ‘snap’ I recaptured a moment in time not to be forgotten.

Swansea Docker’s Club is a place  of great resonance to me, and a place where my parents also celebrated their marriage in 1975.



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