My name is Sheree Murphy I am a Welsh Artist. I graduated from Art School in 2003 with a BA (Hons) in Photography In The Arts at Swansea Metropolitan University and from then I have  completed a PGCE in Further and Higher Education. And in 2013 completed a Foundation Course in Art Therapy (BAAT) at Manchester.

Since graduating art school I have worn various professional creative hats however I have still maintained my art practice. I teach art in the community in various settings; working along side various  arts and youth organisations; teaching in primary, secondary schools, further and higher education, hospitals, youth centres and gallery settings. From these different learning environments I have experience of teaching a wide spectrum of learners. From Early years to teenagers, and the wider community, life long learners, adults diagnosed with mental health conditions; Powys Mental Health Service and PAVO, and teaching art in Cefn Coed Psychiatric hospital, Swansea. On the all secure male ward. To teaching adults form The Day Services  at The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea (http://www.glynnvivian.com/2016/01/creative-minds-creative-hands/).

My approach to art is always to be open minded and flexible taking every opportunity that comes my way. But to always maintain a high standard of work that is valued and respected .  What I have learnt about my practice is the importance and value of art in the community that is accessible to all. The experience of making art, sharing art and the impact of art  is precious and should be treasured in a wholesome and collective way that brings people and minds together.

I  make art  not because I have too but because I need too. Like some people who need to run marathons, exercise every day. I am some one who needs to paint, write poems, take photographs, talk about art because it is a part of me and it is my passion. It is my escapism.

The question that is always banded around about art  is why do we make art? what is it for? Well I can tell you the process of making art helps me make sense of the world. Often drawing my inspirations from personal events such as my late nan who past away from suffering with Dementia.The art I made around this time helped me come to terms with my nan’s illness and to try to make sense of it. The materials I used were my nan’s clothes, personal possessions and old photos of my family, this allowed me to capture my positive memories of my nan when she was fit and well. It was a way of being close to her.

This blog will share with the world (and who cares) my art making practice. So when I am out and about and people say what kind of art do you do I can direct them to my blog.



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  1. Very happy to have found my way to your amazing website/blog! It is an energizing feeling to be able to connect with highly relatable thoughts and experiences coming from another fellow artist.
    A beautiful day to you and greets from Berlin!

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